Details on our Phone Warranties

Details on our Phone Warranties

How does our Warranty Work?

All of our phones come with a standard 30 day warranty that covers any malfunctions with the phone.  There are options in the purchase box where you may select to extend the warranty from 6 months up to 3 years.  This price covers all shipping, parts and labor to repair the phone. 

What if you cannot repair the phone?

If we cannot repair the phone we will replace it the same series of phone or higher.

What is Excluded from the Standard warranty?

Accidental damage that is caused by the owner.  These include screen breakage, water damage and worn batteries.

What is your Protection Plus Warranty Plan?

This is our extended warranty that covers accidental damage incidents as described previously and acts like insurance.   If we cannot repair it, the replacement of the phone with one of equal or greater value is provided.