Our Return, Exchange or Repair Policy on Pre-Owned Devices and How to Prepare

As a deep discount seller of pre-owned devices, CellDiscount.store has the following refund and exchange terms:

  • Refunds can be made within a 14 day period from the receipt of the device as indicated by the carrier (USPS, DHL etc.) subject to a 10% restocking fee to cover postage, packaging and handling.  Devices must be factory reset as indicated in the instructions below in order for us to accept any refunds.

  • Devices with any defects will either be repaired or exchanged for the same model of device in the same or better condition than the original device within 30 days of purchase. If a replacement device is not available, the buyer will be offered either a full refund or a different device that is acceptable to the buyer. Shipping costs to return the defective device via USPS Priority Mail will be covered in full with a proof of receipt.

  • All purchased Devices under any extended warranty plan will be honored from the date of receipt as indicated by the carrier (e.g. USPS, DHL, etc.) until the end of the term as indicated.  CellDiscount will also re-purchase devices previously sold during the extended warranty period. Read more details on our warranty and buyback programs here.

To return or exchange a device please follow these steps:

A.  Factory Reset the Device

It is mandatory to to have your information removed prior to returning or exchange it (for repairs it is not necessary). As most smartphones have factory reset protection (FRP) nowadays (aka as "activation lock") which helps to not only protect your data but also prevent the unauthorized transfer of device ownership (i.e. theft), it is imperative that you have this removed prior to a return otherwise the returned device cannot be re-used.  We will not refund or exchange any device which does not have the FRP removed.  Here's how to do it.

iPhone Users
iPhone users should remove their iCloud for their devices to remove the FRP.  Instructions on doing so are listed on Apple's website and the shortcut to this is here.  

Android Users
You can remove this on the device or remotely.  Check this article out that explains how to do this.

If you have a Samsung Phone please remove the Samsung account as well.  Information on removing this is located here.

B.  The Return Process

  1. Send in all Purchased Items 

    Once the device has been factory reset per the instructions above, you will need to return all purchased items to us.  This may include any cables, chargers, or other accessories.  Don't forget to remove your SIM card  from the SIM card tray!

    Please make sure it is packaged securely with proper wrapping as we don't accept damaged items.  You can use the original packing materials we sent it to you in if it is in good shape.  Make sure you remove any prior labels. 

    If original packaging is unavailable, securely pack your item in a cardboard box with adequate cushioning to prevent damage to the item in transit.  

    Ship with a Tracking Number
    When shipping use any service that has tracking.  We recommend USPS Priority which is the most cost effective shipping solution with tracking.  it should cost no more than $5 for most devices anywhere in the USA.  Please send it to us at the following address

    2475 S Jones Unit 3
    Las Vegas, NV
    89146, USA

    Then notify us by emailing us the tracking information to returns@CellDiscount.store

  2. Confirmation of Device Condition - Once we receive the device we will verify that the device is the same one in the same condition.  Prior to delivery all of our devices are photographed multiple times for our archives.  The return or exchange will be accepted once the device is verified.

    Please note that we do NOT accept returns on devices that have the following:

      • Physical differences from the purchased device.  We do not accept devices that have been damaged.
      • Different IMEI identifiers from what we sent.  We will only accept the same device.
      • Devices that have been tampered with.  All shipped devices have identifiers noted prior to shipping.  Our facilities and professionals can identify devices that have been opened or tampered with.
      • Devices that have been "Rooted" or "Jailbroken".  Any software modifications made will invalidate our return obligation.
    C.  The Last Step 

    Refunds - In the case of a refund, the purchase price will be refunded via the same method of payment which it was initially paid with. Typically these are done within 1 business day after the confirmation in Step 2 is verified.

    Exchanges - We will ship out a replacement device to you within 2 business days.  Unless otherwise noted or discussed, we will send the same device model in a similar condition to the one that was received.  It will be sent via USPS Priority or First Class and a tracking number will be provided to you. 

    Repairs -  Repairs will be performed once processed.  Depending upon if parts need to be ordered, typically repairs take up to 3 business days to process.  If a part is not in stock, this may cause delays according to our supplier.  We make best efforts to expedite this.