About Cell Discount

Our Mission

Cell Discount retails in primarily discounted phones from major brands. Most of our inventory is obtained directly from carriers and are about 6 months to 2 years old.  To provide the highest quality devices at the best prices possible we find that devices at that age offer the best price for performance.  Furthermore most of our devices come standard with a 30 day warranty that is further extendable up to 3 years which ensures worry-free ownership.

The sales of used and refurbished phones encourages electronics recycling and reduces landfills.  

Why Unlocked Phones?

Although we do sell new phones, 90% of our inventory is for unlocked devices.  Unlocking allows the replacement of your initial mobile network provider without replacing the phone. Most carriers “lock” phones so it works only with their specific SIM cards. This ensures customers are “locked-in” to the carrier for an extended period. Using an alternative SIM card in a locked phone results in an error messages, such as “SIM Card Not Accepted”. The major benefits are:

  1. Ability to use any SIM card on any network
  2. Ability to take advantage of roaming services offered by most major networks
  3. Possibility of dual, tri or even quad band functions allowing you to use your phone in even more countries around the globe.

Our Partners


We work with leading companies such as Stamps.com, USPS, Fedex and UPS for our shipping logistics.  Our payment partners including Visa, Mastercard, Paypal and Square.




Las Vegas Store

3651 Lindell Rd. Ste D
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89103

Open to Public | Pickup:
Mon - Fri | 9am - 5pm

Delivery 24/7 - Hotel | Corporate



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