Our VIP Members Program

Cell Discount VIP Member Benefits

Buy purchasing a new or pre-owned device you automatically qualify for the following VIP benefits:

A. Repair Service Discounts

  • 30% off repair labor for the device you purchased from us.  Regular shop rate is $50 per hour, VIP members pay only $35 per hour! (90% of repairs are done within 1 hour). 
  • Free USPS priority return postage for mail-in repairs!
  • Parts at 10% discount.

B.  Sell your Old Device to us for extra!

  • Receive the value of your device applied to our Extended Warranty Program and get an extra 20% bonus! (e.g.  if your device is worth $100, get $120 in credits that can be applied to buy any of our Extended Warranty Plans)
  • Sell your old device through our partner CellValuer.com and get cash!

C. Device Protection

  • Free annual cleaning.  Clean your entire device professionally including screen polishing, charge and headphone ports and more.
  • Free annual 15 point diagnostic check to ensure device is functioning properly.  
  • Our Extended Warranty Plan which includes Buyback Guarantee at an additional 5% Discount.  This may be purchased at the time of purchase or anytime within a warranty period. For details see here or see below.
  • Get cash back for your device or trade-up using our Buyback Program!  This ensures that you can always sell your device and get cash or credit!  See details here.

D.  Product Discounts

  • 30% off Accessories
  • 5% off Any Device Purchase

E.  Freebies

  • Do a Yelp, Facebook or Google review and get one of the following (*if available for your device):
    • Free tempered glass protector ($19 value)
    • Free USB-C charging cable
    • Free protective case 

F.  Earn from Referrals

Refer business to us and get the following benefits.  To join or learn more visit here.

  • Phone Repairs | Carrier Unlocking Services
    • up to 30% of Net Profit 
  • Pre-Owned  Phones:
    • $10 referral fee on completed purchase
    • 1 Month Extended Warranty Protection for each customer referred
  • Device Buyback Service:
    • $5 referral fee for every device purchased
  • Device Upgrade Services:
    • $5 referral fee for every trade-up referred

Purchase Extended Warranty Protection : Qualify for our Buyback Program and Get a Free Battery Upgrade 

- VIP members get 5% off or an extra month for every year purchased -

Extended Protection Plus Plans for up to 3 Years

Within 1 Year

80% Trade Up Credit

70% in Cash
Within 2 Years

70% Trade Up Credit

60% in Cash 
Within 3 Years

60% Trade Up Credits

50% in Cash
No deductibles!

$0 in fees



Can you give me an example?

You purchase a device for $300 with a 3 year warranty on Feb 1, 2019.

  1. On any date up to Feb 1, 2020, your device will be credited with 80% or $240 in credits towards the purchase of another device provided that the device is returned in the same functional condition as when sold on Feb 1, 2019.  Or if you elect, you can receive up to 70% in cash (or $210) back. 
  2. On any date up to Feb 1, 2021, your device will be credited with 70% or $210 in credits towards the purchase of another device provided that the device is returned in the same functional condition as when sold on Feb 1, 2019.  Or if you elect, you can receive up to 60% in cash (or $180) back.

How does this benefit customers?

This program protects our customers against:

  1. Device depreciation which is extremely rapid due to frequent upgrade cycles.  Most devices lose 80% of their value within 2 years.  
  2. Device obsolescence by allowing you to trade up your device anytime.
  3. Never worry about properly disposing or selling an old device.  Simply return it to us for upgrade credits or get cash!
  4.  Any functional issues due as it is under our EPP warranty.

Free shipping and processing times for Trade-Up and Cash Buyback may take 3 business days.




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